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Crossroads of the World Timeline

1931: Charlie Crawford, often called L.A.'s Underworld Boss, is murdered in a building located on what is now the site of Crossroads of the World. In typical Hollywood fashion, the murder involved scandal, made national headlines and remains unsolved to this day.

1932 - 1936: Ella Crawford, Charlie Crawford's widow, funds the design and construction of Crossroads of the World, designed by Robert V. Derrah. She envisions it as "a cultural and business center offering an experience like taking a trip around the world."

October 29, 1936: Crossroads of the World celebrates its grand opening. Participating in this gala event are leading screen stars of the day Cesar Romero, Boris Karloff, Marjorie Gage, Emily Lane, Mary Alice Rice, and Polly Rowles; "a galaxy of entertainers;" and many civic leaders.

Late 1940s: Alfred Hitchcock moves into his new production offices at Crossroads.

Early 1950s: Billboard magazine publishes its legendary entertainment sheet from Hitchcock's office suite at Crossroads.

Early 1970s: Famed recording engineer Wally Heider sets up his mobile recording and lab headquarters at Crossroads, and re-invents the art of live rock and roll concert recording.

May 1974: Beatles' and Rolling Stones' art director Kosh moves in.

December 4, 1974: Crossroads is declared an Historic-Cultural Monument of the City of Los Angeles.

1975: Rock group America releases its "Greatest Hits" album with an illustration of the Crossroads tower on the back cover.

1976: Iconic album covers for the Eagles, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, the Pointer Sisters and ELO are created at Crossroads by Kosh.

Mid to late 1970s: Interlock Studios, located at Crossroads, mixes and records 1970's soundtracks for many major Hollywood movies. Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, Jimmy Buffett, Melissa Manchester and Bette Midler are frequent Crossroads visitors.

May 12, 1977: Mort La Kretz purchases Crossroads of the World from Charlie and Ella Crawford's descendants.

Late 1970s: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young record many of their best-known and best-selling albums at studios the group custom-built within one of Crossroads' buildings. Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt rehearse at Crossroads.

Oct 29, 1986: Crossroads celebrates its 50th anniversary with a reception including period music, a display of 1930's cars, and a helicopter drop of flowers.

May 1, 1989: Disney-MGM Studios in Florida - which features a replica of the Crossroads of the World tower serving as the Information Booth -- celebrates its grand opening.

1992: Many scenes from the movie "Indecent Proposal" are filmed at Crossroads.

1996: Many scenes from the movie "L.A. Confidential" are filmed at Crossroads.

1995 to present: Many world-renowned recording artists record and mix their albums -- including Melissa Etheridge, Fleetwood Mac, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, BB King, and The Stylistics -- at Private Island Trax, now occupied by MoonWine Studios.

June 2003: World-famous book publisher Taschen chooses Crossroads for its U.S. headquarters, and moves into the "ocean liner building" in the center of the complex.

December 2005: The machinery powering Crossroads' revolving globe is replaced and the globe spins again. This is only the second time since 1936 that the globe needed repairs.

November 2009: Jim Heimann celebrates the release of his book "Los Angeles: Portrait of a City," published by Taschen, in a star-studded event held at Crossroads.