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Detail of a building in Crossroads' Continental Village. Lush landscaping and period details in Crossroads' Continental Village. Brilliant neon graces the Crossroads tower on Sunset Blvd. Half-timbering, stained glass and large windows characterize Crossroads' Continental Village. A pleasant courtyard with shaded seating in Crossroads Continental Village. Palm trees surround the iconic Crossroads tower. The ocean liner in the center of the complex anchors the Crossroads tower. An original tile detail in the Spanish building. The plaque commemorating designation as Historic-Cultural Monument #134. This beautiful original neon sign is at the rear of the Crossroads property. Crossroads' east courtyard features trees, abundant landscaping and period architectural details. Rounded corners, red railings and blue tiles are some of the Streamline Moderne features on the Crossroads ocean liner. The Crossroads tower and ship portholes are the backdrop for this courtyard area. Portholes, railings and nautical blue accents are features of the Crossroads ocean liner. The globe atop the 60-foot-tall Crossroads tower has been turning virtually non-stop since 1936. A view of the Crossroads tower and ocean liner, looking towards Sunset Blvd. The portholes and Streamline Moderne ocean liner design are reminiscent of Robert V. Derrah's other Los Angeles landmark, the Coca-Cola building downtown. Crossroads' Continental Village has lots of Old World charm, lush landscaping and inviting outdoor seating. The unusual Queen of the Night cactus has wound its way up a Crossroads palm tree. Dramatic night lighting for Crossroads' Continental Village. A stunning nighttime shot of Crossroads Helicopter views of Crossroads of the World A dramatic nighttime view of Crossroads and its tower from Sunset Blvd. Courtesy of Christopher Kosek, www.christopherkosek.com. A nighttime view of the Crossroads tower, globe and ocean liner building framed by palm trees. Photo courtesy of Martha Adams, 2009. Klieg lights frame the Crossroads tower and globe. Photo courtesy of Martha Adams, 2009. A close up of Crossroads' iconic spinning globe. Photo courtesy of Martha Adams, 2009. Antique cars on display at Crossroads during a book launch party and fund-raiser hosted by Taschen Publishing. Photo courtesy of Martha Adams, 2009. Twinkle lights and Chinese lanterns set the mood for Taschen's book launch party. Photo courtesy of Martha Adams, 2009. Celebrities including Diane Keaton, Hugh Hefner, Kelly Lynch, Gabrielle Union and David Hockney attended a book launch party hosted by Taschen Publishing. Photo courtesy of Martha Adams, 2009.